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Carrefour Bio for example received a strong boost through the development of a “Healthy Kitchen section” in several of its’ UAE outlets. The brand offers affordable organic options of various packaged food items and is appreciated by the growing number of health conscious consumers.

Source: Gulfood Global Outlook Report Commissioned by Gulfood to Euromonitor International and The Nielsen Company
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Growing with double digits in most of the countries while total FMCG growths are straggling. This growing will continue because this is now part of the growth of the economy.

Perceptions About Private Label
Private Label Is Growing
Harnessing The Private Label Potential  - Overall outlook of Private label in MENA market
Private Label Foodtprint: Middle East Focus


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Private Label in the GCC is expected to highly benefit from the introduction of the discounter concept in the region. Dukan, the first and sole discounter in Saudi Arabia was introduced in 2014 and has since gained strong market share. In 2018, Landmark group opened a discounter called Viva in the UAE, which is expected to expand its store count rapidly over the coming years. The discounter concept appears during a time that consumers throughout the GCC re-think their spending habits, as they face austerity measures, economic restructuring processes and the implementation of additional taxes and costs. This will give discounters and private label portfolios an opportunity to prove their superiority over branded products in terms of value and could lay the foundation for a long-term private label boom in the region.

The continuous growth of modern retailing is strengthening sales of private label in many countries in the Middle East and North Africa.Private Label sales in the GCC remained limited over the years, even though the strong network of modern retailing would have supplied a perfect base for strong penetration. Recent developments however suggest a rapid change in the coming years. Hypermarkets in the GCC started to invest into private label premium lines to address growing demand for more budget-friendly healthy foods.

Global Private Label Footprint
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What's Behind The Rise of Private Label?

>> Retailer consolidation is yielding buying power and scale, reducing reliance on large manufacturers

 >> The growth of discounters (e.g. Aldi, BIM) is highlighting private label as a value and differentiator

>> Traditional supermarkets are also turning to private label in order to combat discounters

>> Shoppers are flocking to fresh foods, which have high private label potential

>> The premiumization of private label is adding appeal and shopper reach

>> Private label’s improving equity is accelerating wider consumer adoption

Globally, Middle East & Africa reports the highest perception improvement for quality when it comes to private label.

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